Epic Forces(史诗般的力量)经典怀旧版

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Epic Forces(史诗般的力量)游戏介绍

Epic Forces(史诗般的力量)是互联网游戏开发人员提供的一款互动式的角色扮演类手游,超级简单的操作玩法,给你不一样的操作快感。因此对角色扮演手游感兴趣的小伙伴,快快加入到Epic Forces(史诗般的力量)游戏中来,精彩不容错过哦!

Epic Forces(史诗般的力量) 5.11经典怀旧版


在这个精美的RPG中收集最强大和最勇敢的英雄! 发现令人惊叹的冒险新世界! 体验童话故事!一个来自另一个层面的古老邪恶摧毁了太阳,它的碎片覆盖了整个土地。 在这场灾难之后,黑国王开始寻求绝对权力和奴役童话世界的公民。 您现在是这个领域的最后希望!您准备好面对邪恶了吗? 您准备好成为秩序守护者了吗?您可以进行史诗般的测试:-探索许多层次,享受惊险的故事和王国的美景。 世界-雇用和捕捉英雄,训练和升级他们以使您的团队成为一支真正的史诗般的力量!-在每场战斗中使用战士的独特能力,敌人会因听到您的名字而发抖!-在PvP模式下与其他玩家战斗并 向他们展示谁是最好的!-成为每个联盟的冠军,并进入最强大和最勇敢的球员的史诗般的联盟。-参加每周的PvP锦标赛和大规模的老板突袭以获得传奇英雄。在Facebook上加入我们(https:// www.facebook.com/epicforces)阅读最新消息,与其他玩家见面,提出问题并获得帮助。准备进行史诗冒险吗?免费下载并玩Epic Forces! 有一个全新的世界在等着你!

Gather the most powerful and brave heroes in this wonderful collectible RPG! Discover a new world of amazing adventures! Experience a FAIRY TALE!An ancient evil from another dimension has shattered the sun, and its fragments have covered the land. On the heels of this devastation, the Black King has embarked on a quest for absolute power and enslaved citizens of the Fairy World. You are now the realm's last hope!Are you ready to face an evil? Are you ready to become a Keeper of the Order?Epic possibilities for you to test:- Explore lots and lots of levels enjoying the thrilling story and the beauties of the Kingdom.- Meet wonderful characters leapt from the pages of all fairy tales in the world.- Hire and capture heroes, train and upgrade them to turn your team into a real epic force!- Use unique abilities of your warriors in every battle, and enemies will shiver from hearing your name!- Fight other players in PvP mode and show them who is the best!- Become the champion of every league and enter Epic league of the most powerful and brave players.- Participate in weekly PvP tournaments and massive boss raids to get legendary heroes.Join us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/epicforces) to read the latest news, meet other players, ask questions and get help.READY FOR AN EPIC ADVENTURE?Download and play Epic Forces for free! There's a whole new world waiting for you!

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Epic Forces(史诗般的力量)相关信息

大小:42MB 类型:游戏  - 角色扮演 版本:5.11经典怀旧版

要求:安卓平台 标签: 暂无




Epic Forces(史诗般的力量)经典怀旧版手机游戏配置要求:

5.11经典怀旧版游戏配置-苹果需要iPhone XS及以上机型,安卓机型版本在5.5以上,运行内存ARM8GB或更高!


安卓玩家: 品牌 :vivo NEX,vivo Y73 处理器(cpu):麒麟810,天玑800,Plus,骁龙765,麒麟990 运行内存(ARM):4GB,3GB,5GB,6GB,1.5GB 苹果玩家: ios平台玩家,需要iPhone Xr或版本更高的机型

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